Friday, May 23

Dance Recital

Emma has been taking a little ballet class up at our church for the semester. It was a great class. VERY laid back compared to a lot of dance studios and just fun for the girls to learn some basic ballet. I was not ready to put Emma in a ballet class where we would have to spend a fortune for lessons and costumes. They did have a recital at the end, but they wore their normal leotards, tights and skirts. Emma was a star and was so proud to be performing for her family. This video is a little segment of their performance and Brooklyn trying to steal the show. The girl loves to twirl. Enjoy!


Hots said...

So cute!! My fave part is when Em has to stop to check her ponytail...
Looks like B will need her own tutu before too long! :)
Love y'all!

Ace and Rainbow said...

Too funny. I love the concentration on E's face. Reminds me of a certain old roommate of mine as she was drawing. The face looks the same!