Sunday, May 4

Old Photo Shoot

A while back, Allison posted about Brooklyn's 18-Month photo shoot. While trying to get some good pictures of Brooklyn, we handed her a dandelion in hopes of getting a sweet "smelling the flower" shot. What happened was not so sweet, but pretty darn funny! She immediately opened her mouth and chomped down on the weed, filling her mouth with those little white seedlings. She didn't like it very much. Click on the picture to see a larger's a good time.

Of course, with Brooklyn getting so much attention during the shoot (I use that term extremely loosely), Emma was feeling a little left out. She kept asking for me to take her picture, so after giving up on Brooklyn, I turned the lens toward Emma. This actually proved to be my favorite time taking pictures of her! She was hamming it up for the camera and threw in a real smile every now and then. Here's a series of her multi-faceted smile...I love it!

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Amber said...

THose are the best pics in the whole wide world.