Sunday, April 6

18 Months Old

Today Brooklyn turned 18 months old. Hard to believe that she is that big! It was a nice day, so John was able to take her outside for a little photo shoot. I think he got some really cute ones. These are 3 of my favorite. I love her cheeks when she smiles really big and I love her tummy!

We went for B's check up today and all is well. We take for granted good health to often. I am truly grateful that both of my girls are healthy and growing well. I know you guys don't care about her height and weight, but I want it on the blog so I have record for our book.
Weight: 23 lbs., 12 oz. (b/t 25-50%)
Height: 31 in. (25%)


Anonymous said...

I like the one upper right great pick.


Kate said...

She is so cute! I love her! She makes me smile! I am terrible, I haven't even blogged about Annika being two. Hopefully I will before she turns 3! Miss you! Going to bed- it is way too late!

Ace and Rainbow said...

Happy Half-Birthday B!! I love half-bdays. What a party! Love the cheeks too. I have pretty cheeky kiddos, and Love it! Give your Mommy a hug from me!