Thursday, April 24

Roller Skating

This is very delayed b/c the connection from our camera to the computer has not been working. So, get ready for some catch up blogs.

We went to Little Rock a few weekends ago for Claire's baby dedication at church. Brooklyn had been sick all week, so it was so nice to have a change of scenery. It was a beautiful weekend and we were able to spend some time outside in my parent's yard. The dedication went great. Claire was the cutest one up there. I promise I'm not biased.

During Brooklyn's nap on Saturday, John and I got to take Emma on a date. There are quite a few things that John and I want to do with Emma now that she is older, but it is hard to do some of those things with an 18 month old. One of those things, is roller skating. My parents stayed at home with sleeping B and we went to the Arkansas Skatium. It is actually a roller rink on one side and an ice rink on the other. We decided to stick with roller skating. Emma is one of those children (much like her father) who has a lot of excitement about doing things, but if she is not immediately good at it, she is done. I had a feeling that if she fell once, we might be heading home. She totally surprised me. She wanted to hold on to us most of the time, but then she wanted to try it on her own. She did fall a few times, but got right back up and kept trying. I was really proud of her. She told me, just today, that she really had fun roller skating. We did go over to the ice rink and watched for a while. She wanted to do it, but we were not dressed very well for it. Instead, she and John played air hockey. Emma was actually really good. She beat her Daddy once, but I think he might have gone easy on her!

John and I also had fun skating. It had been a long time since I had skated. John was quite the skater in college. I actually met him in the midst of his skater days and fell in love with him. So, when he walked out with his roller blades on, it brought back many memories.

It is rare that the two of us both get a date with Emma. Usually we take turns taking her on dates while the other stays with B and has a date. It was a fun afternoon.

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