Thursday, April 24


John is gone for the whole week: Monday morning-Friday night. Yuck! The good part of it is that my Mom, Sister, and Claire got to come stay with us for a few days. It sure helped the time go by faster. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was fun hanging out at the house and being together. My sister did help me organize our garage. We didn't clean out that much, but we organized the stuff we have.
My main reason for this post is to document Emma's sweet response to our conversation about the storm last night. I had already put the girls to bed. I could still hear them in there chattering and Emma singing to B. A lot of lightning and thunder started up about the time I put them to bed. There was a big crash of thunder and I heard Emma immediately call for me. I went to the door to ask what she needed (if I go in to their room, it sets B off, so it is better if we talk through the door if possible).

Emma: "Mom, I don't like the thunderstorms."
Me: "It's okay. You are inside and the storms can't get you."
Emma: "But, I'm scared."
Me: "Em, God is just moving some stuff around up in heaven."
Emma: "Oh, okay."

Silence from them on out. I thought that was such a perfect response. It was almost like it was okay as long as God was in control of it. Of course, he is always in control of the weather and everything around us, but neat that she is starting to realize this in her little 4 year old mind.

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Anonymous said...

That's Weird I must of slept right threw those I didn't hear a thing last night.