Tuesday, April 1

I'm a Winner!

With all the flooding we've had over the past couple of weeks, the creeks (and streets) have provided some great opportunities for picture taking. During the flooding a couple of weeks ago, I went out around Johnson to capture some high water shots. There's a low water bridge on South Ball Street in the heart of Johnson that was under about 3 feet of water.

I submitted the picture to 40/29 News for Drew's Digital Snapshots contest yesterday. I got a call from Drew on my way home from work today telling me I won and that my picture would be on the news tonight around 6:30 PM. We totally taped it! And not only did we tape it, but I took a picture of my picture on TV. Yeah...I'm retarded. Anyway, I win a disposable camera and a 40/29 umbrella (sweetness), and get entered into a drawing to win either a camcorder or camera ($600 value) from Bedford Camera & Video at some point this year. And that totally rocks. Here are a couple of flooding shots of the old one-lane bridge in Johnson, near the Main Street / Carley intersection I took last night. There's usually some water flowing under the bridge, but it was easily 5 feet deeper than normal. Be sure to wear your life vests, as we're expecting more rain over the next couple of days! Happy canoing!


Anonymous said...

Your such a dork John lol!!! Trying to catch up on my winning streaks aeee.


Amber said...

What? You don't get a 40/29 mug?

Kate said...

Congrats! You know Joshie and Margo got on there, too one time for an old, saggy pumpkin. Hope you win the big prize! Great pics!
Tell Al to blog about the deceptively delicious food!

Sarah said...

I am so proud of you, Johnny. Keep up the good work in Johnson.

See... my mayor slogan was the best: Johnny will work for your Johnson.

kate said...

that is hilarious what Sarah said- I didn't know you were thinking of running for mayor, but it is worth it just to have signs up that say that!

John Nelson said...

Amber: Sadly, no mug.

Sarah: thanks for digging that up...I re-read my posts about running for city council, and laughed hard.

Kate: I joking wanted to run for a city council position in Johnson last year. Here are some links to the posts:

Campaign Idea
Campaign Slogans

kate said...

I really like Sarah's Hard on Johnson, easy on you one. That is so funny! I can't believe I missed it. I like your church sign, too. Where was I during that time?