Wednesday, March 26

Easter Weekend

Good Friday: John had the day off!!!! The Tokar's were in town, so we played with them in the morning. The girls play so well together. It was fun to see them together again. The boys stayed with the girls while Kate, Margo, Martha and I went to lunch at Stone Mill (YUM!). John and I spent the rest of the day moving furniture, taking apart beds, etc...... The girls are officially sleeping in the same room and we have a playroom. John said he will never take apart/put back together our crib, so there is no moving them out. Emma is still having some issues at bedtime, but overall they have done great.

Saturday: I went to Georgia's baby shower in the morning and then rushed home in time to get everyone to the egg hunt. The church where Emma goes to preschool was having a community wide Easter Egg Hunt/Picnic at Wilson Park. We met up with the Elleman's, John's parents, Grace and Luke at the park. We got there just in time for the egg hunt to be over, but luckily there were some extra eggs for us to use to have our own hunt. The kids played at the park and we ate lunch. It was really fun. After naps, we headed over to the Hannon's house to eat dinner with them and John's parents. It is always fun with the cousins!

Easter Sunday: We went to the 10:00 service at church with the entire family and Todd! Sam taught at Community Worship and it was really good. As many times as I have heard the Easter message of resurrection, there were some new lessons I learned this year. They also played the video "Sunday's Comin". If you haven't seen this, you must watch. I had chills up and down. We came back to our house and had a BBQ lunch with lots of extra yummy stuff. Granny and Uncle John met us over here for lunch as well. Everyone left and we put the girls down for naps and quiet time. I took a nap as well. We did the girls' Easter baskets from us after naps and then went on our own egg hunt in the backyard. It was a Easter filled with family and friends.
Most of all, it was a great reminder that we have a Savior that not only died on a cross for us, but rose again so that we might have eternal life.


christi said...

Hello Nelson family!!! We are a Nelson family too ;) I'm sure there are plenty of us and it's a pretty common name but found you on and wanted to say 'hi' ;)

kate said...

Hey! Cute pics! Let's see one of their room together! Miss you!