Saturday, April 12

Girls Weekend with Daddy

Though I have unofficially retired from blogging (which I leave to Allison now), I wanted to blog about last weekend.

Allison went to Little Rock by herself, so I loaded up the girls on Saturday and went to the Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari. There's a lot of construction going on there, so most of the animals were in different locations. Also, most of the animals are still "winterizing", so they were sheltered instead of roaming the safari area. Of course, we didn't know this until we were leaving, so we missed all the monkeys and fun petty zoo animals. While driving through, I put Brooklyn in her car seat next to me in the front. Emma got the entire back seat to run back and forth to see the animals (what few there were to see, at least). I did get to snap a few pictures of the animals while we were there. We had about 5 camels chasing the car, thinking we had food. When I stopped, they all were vying for Brooklyn's window. The picture of the camel below was taken from my side of the car, meaning it was about 1-2 feet from Brooklyn...she loved it! After the safari, we ate at McDonald's and went to Veteran's Park to play. It was a full day with the girls, and it was great! The last two pictures are llama's. They're beautiful and intelligent-looking animals, aren't they?

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