Wednesday, March 26

My Little Picaso's

We got the watercolors out this morning and it was really fun. It is always less trouble than I think it will be. Emma started painting while Brooklyn was eating breakfast and B was watching very closely. B has done many art projects at school, but I have never actually painted with her. (I know, bad Mom) She finished eating, but I left her in her highchair. I taped down some paper to her tray and loaded her paintbrush. (and reloaded and reloaded and reloaded many times) As you can see, she was so happy. Her picture turned out pretty darn good. Emma made about 10 pictures and had a lot of fun too.

The girls are officially sharing a room now. I'm sure there will be more blogs to come on that. We switched them this past weekend and so far it has gone well. All that to say, we now have a playroom and my vision for a wall full of their artwork can begin forming. These pictures will add to the display.

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