Sunday, March 23

Claire's First Visit North

We got the privelege of having my sister and Claire come stay with us for a few days this week. They needed a change of scenery and we wanted visitors! Claire did great on her first road trip north. She slept like a champ and my sister owes it to the miracle blanket (for all of you expectant parents out there). Brooklyn and Emma really enjoyed having her here, but they didn't understand why she had to sleep so much.
My sister also brought her two dogs with her. As much as Brooklyn enjoyed Claire, I have to say that the dogs were her favorite part. Belle does not pay as much attention to her as Molly and Maggie do. This picture of our dogs was taken a few years ago, but I love it. I thought I would post it.


Kate said...

Cute pics! Claire is a doll! The video for the miracle blanket cracks me up. I am pretty sure at first that baby would have gotten up and run away if it were able.

We had so much fun seeing you guys.I hope you get better all the way soon! Miss you already!

Sarah said...

That blanket looks likes a swaddler's dream. I would have loved it.

Claire looks so much like your sis!