Saturday, March 8

Just the Bad

Okay, I retract my blog from yesterday. Having sick kids stinks! Day 1 was kind of sweet and cuddly and today has been painful and whiny. Brooklyn is actually a bit better and over her fever. I thought Emma was over her fever, but still very congested. It came back around 5:30 this evening along with goopy eyes. I feel pink eye coming by morning, if not before. Brooklyn napped for only 45 minutes today, so I put both of them in bed at 6:15. That might be a record, but I figured with "springing forward" tonight that it was really 7:15. They were exhausted. I am too.

Emma did wake up a bit ago and was yelling, "I want Brooklyn!" How sweet is that? I went in there and she said that she wanted B to sleep in her room. She didn't want to be alone. I told her that as soon as the two of them could get better that we would move them in together for good.

All you medical people out there, what do I do if Emma has pink eye and I can't get to the doctor until Monday? She is already complaining about her eyes and they are just goopy and watery. I have a feeling they might be glued shut the next time she wakes up. So sad. Sickness stinks! Did I mention that my throat is killing me and I have a slightly runny nose? Also, have I mentioned how many times I have washed my hands or put sanitizer on today? Sorry for the complaining. John is not here, so you guys are my sounding board.


Megan said...

Nurse Megan here: for the goopy eyes use warm wet washcloths, wipe her eyes gently from the inside corner to the outside corner, then move to a clean part of the washcloth and repeat with the other eye. Do this as often as you need to.

Also, have her blow her nose frequently if she knows how or otherwise use a bulb syringe. If you keep her nose clear, her eyes will drain better (because our eyes drain into our noses, which is why our noses "run" when we cry).

Hang in there!!

Allison Nelson said...

This is probably a dumb question, but do I need to see a doctor for pink eye or will it go away on its own? I just can't imagine with Emma's medical freak outs that putting eye drops in her eyes would go over well.
Hopefully, it will just not turn to pink eye. She is trying to blow here nose, but without a whole lot of luck. Thanks for the advise!

Ace and Rainbow said...

Our Pedi doesn't see kids for pink eye, the just call in 2 different types of drops (which one you get depends on insurance and on which one you had before) My kids haven't ever had pink eye, but Jill's have a few times. There is also an OTC med by Similson or something like that for PinkEye comfort drops and a kid friendly version that could get you through tomorrow, but I would call your after hours- on-call Pedi and just have them call you in eyedrops to the pharmacy.
Love, Not a nurse but have 3 small- often sick kids Syd

Amber said...

Are your babies any better?

martha said...

Oh no! I just caught up on my blogs. That's awful. And you by yourself. I'm so sorry. Not that we'd much help right now, but it's the thought that counts? Or not? Anyway, hope you guys are better.