Friday, March 7

The Good and the Bad

Let me preface this blog with the statement that no Mom would ever wish sickness upon their children, BUT there are some good things about kiddos being sick.

The Good:
1. They cuddle with me.
2. They take naps.
3. They are still, instead of constantly in motion.

The Bad:
1. They hurt!
2. They whine.
3. They can't do much for themselves.
4. They look pitiful and feel horrible!
5. You can't go anywhere.

I had a feeling last night that both Brooklyn and Emma were on the verge of getting something. Emma is rarely ever sick, so she has really been thrown off with the congestion. She had a hard time sleeping last night and just keeps screaming that her nose hurts. Brooklyn is snotty, which has been kind of normal for her this season. BUT, to top it off, they both have fever. To top it off more, we were supposed to go to Little Rock this weekend to see my family and the Tokar's. That is not going to happen now. Sad! Both of my girls are napping right now which hasn't happened in a few months. Emma is past the napping stage. I should probably make use of this time and do some project that is lying around, but I just want to nap too.


Carter said...

I hate that the kiddos are sick... Emory came home telling me that her bumps hurt - any suggestions? Is Emma telling you the same thing? They are so sweet when they are sick.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe you can plan a time in May to get back together with your family for visiting in may life is to short enjoy each and every moment because you don't know what god has in store next... Talk to the tokars to see if there willing to reschedule that is what I always do to make everybody happy.