Tuesday, March 11


My last blog ended with me thinking that Emma was on the verge of pink eye. She woke up Sunday morning perfectly fine. She is still a little congested, but no eye stuff. Brooklyn woke up with fever. By the middle of the day, she was forming eye goop. Brooklyn went to bed at 6:00 on Sunday night and woke at 8:15 Monday morning with her eyes completely sealed shut. Tears actually came to my eyes when I walked in her room. It was horrible. I thought about documenting with a picture, but trust me, you did not want to see that! I was able to get B into the doctor at 9:45. John graciously stayed home on Monday to help me out since I wasn't feeling good. I love our doctor so much. We actually drive much further to see him, but it is worth it to me. He knows us and that is nice. He walked into the room and looked at me and said, " Do you have pink eye?" I said "probably". He gave me some drops! He said that a lot of the time ear infections cause pink eye. The same bacteria or something like that. Sure enough, B had really bad double ear infections. I told him that she had been sleeping at night really well. She is now on meds that will hopefully clear her eyes and ears.

I went down hill fast yesterday. I made myself an appointment this morning. Emma went to school, so B and I went to the doctor. Good times taking your 17 month old to the doctor with you. I have another sinus infection. At least they can give me an antibiotic for that. Hopefully we are on the mends! I took the girls outside for a little while today and that actually did me some good.
Thank you for your emails and phone calls to check on me!


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to wonder myself if I have a Double Ear Infection it is acting up again as your daughters I wish this whole thing would go away it's annoying what kind of ear drops did they give her?


Amber said...

Get some rest, friend! Missed you yesterday.