Saturday, January 5

A Trip to the Zoo

What to do on a warm January day? Pack up and head to the zoo! We loaded up the girls this morning and headed over to Tulsa to visit the zoo and enjoy the warm winter day. Though a bit windy, it was 70 degrees and sunny in Tulsa, and the animals were loving it!

I got a new lens for my camera this week, and got to put it to the test at the zoo. I'm pretty darned pleased with its performance thus far. However, the lens itself weighs 3 pounds, and got pretty heavy very quickly. Check out the pictures from our trip here.

Hope everyone got to get out and enjoy the great day!


Josh & Margo said...

Did the tiger maul anyone while you there? I think I would go to the zoo more if I got to see that.

John Nelson said...

Unfortunately, the tiger remained in her cage. However, there were lots of people trying to gauge the distance between the edge of her area and the wall. You gotta give it to Tulsa...they put the tiger cage RIGHT next to the big playground. Lots of little fat kids (aka morsels) for the tiger to stare at all day long! If she got out of there, she'd do some serious mauling.

Finley Robinson said...

looks like you guys had a good time. you are better parents than us for doing that with your kids! your pics look really good john. looks like you'll be licking the frosty goodness off that L series for quite some time.