Saturday, January 12

The First Week: A Review

Friday marked the end of my first week with Kellogg. I don't really find it fun to enter a completely new environment with all new people and so many unknowns. I like my comfort zones. However, after spending a week with my new co-workers, I don't think I have much to worry about...they're flat out wacky! And that's good for me.

I now have a Jeep Liberty, and that's pretty sweet! Though everyone tells me you should stop naming your cars in high school, I get very attached to my vehicles and have an inescapable need to name them (Harvey the Corsica, Geri the Uplander, Homer the Odyssey, etc). So, despite the retorts of friends and strangers, I am naming my Jeep, Jerry the Jeep. Not to be confused with Geri the Uplander (named as an abbreviation for geriatrics), Jerry is more for gramatical alliteration. Those are big words, I don't expect the haters to understand them.

I got the full tour of the office and got to meet most of the 60 employees in the office. Jumping from an office of 4 to 60 is quite difficult, especially with my penchant for forgetting people's names. Thankfully, every cube and office has a name plate...

I was also hazed and initiated at 4:30 PM on Monday. There is a small room with 2 foosball tables and a fan (it gets hot when the competition heats up!). They play with weird rules: no spinning and 4 balls at a time. First...I suck at foosball. Secondly, I suck worse when I can't spin. I lead me and my boss to a humiliating loss the first day. And in this room of competitive glory, the losers get a nice heaping of razzing. Usually, it takes the form of a skunk picture being placed on your door. I'm going to love this job!

So all in all, the first week was pretty great. I can't wait to dig in a start contributing more (both to work and to the foosball games).


Anonymous said...

Uhm ya john I don't even have a name for my car. Little High Schoolish. Like your co workers say.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about your job. I know it won't take you long- you are pretty likeable. Hope this week goes even better! I will think of you every morning while eating my bowl of special K. The girls love it to. I might tell them you make it. :)