Thursday, January 3

Christmas 2007

I know I am late in posting this, but we have been traveling so much that I really haven't had time. We went to Mountain Home with John's family for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Hannon's were there too and it is always fun to hang out with them for longer than just a dinner. The picture that I regret not taking was all 4 kids (We kept B in the pack n play!) sleeping in sleeping bags in Nana and GDad's room. It was pretty cute! We all got to much stuff! Emma's big gift from us was a Cinderella castle with all the princesses and princes included. We saw it while we were at Disney World and we ended up calling the store back to get it for her for Christmas. It has been a big hit. Santa brought Emma a new ballerina outfit for her dance lessons that she is starting on Monday at church. Brooklyn got some new books from Santa which she loves and we got her pull telephone that came back this year. John and I both had one when we were little. She also got some other little things. All the family was good to us. We always come home with too much stuff! John surprised me with a Kitchen Aid mixer! I was really surprised. I have wanted one since we got married, but just haven't wanted to fork over the money for it. It is pretty and silver! I bought John a back massager thing that sits in a chair. I know that sounds lame, but I promise he asked for it!

We came home for a few days and then traveled to Little Rock to do Christmas with my family. Again, we got a lot of fun things and to much of it! Emma's big gift was the Leap Frog Click Start Computer. She has really caught on to it and likes it a lot. She also got a fun Animal Hospital that both girls are enjoying. B got a little animal train that makes animal noises and moves. She LOVES it! While we were in LR, we got to get together with 4 other couples from our college days. We all hung out without kids and it was so fun. It had been way to long since we had all been together.

I came home briefly and then went back to LR with Emma for the birth of little Claire Bear. See the next post.

I couldn't decide on pictures, so I made a collage or our holiday. Happy New Year!

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Emily said...

Hey!Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas!! I see you got to see Summer, Lindsay and Kate! How Fun!! How is summer? Does she have a blog??? I always wonder about her! Send me an update when you have time...I'm also interested in ballet lessons at church...Jay has been trying to start a program like that here for awhile...fill me in!