Tuesday, January 15

Ballet Lessons

We signed Emma up for ballet lessons at church. It is a 10 week session of learning basic ballet moves and having some fun dancing. As you all know, Emma is not shy and loves to perform. The Mom's and girls sat in a circle the first night and were to go around introducing themselves and telling why they wanted to take dance. Most of the Moms introduced their girls, but mine wanted to do it herself.

Emma: "Hi, I am Emma Nelson. I have always been dancing!"

I had flashbacks to the movie, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, when Sarah Jessica Parker introduces herself to her class. It was great. Emma has loved it so far. She can do first, second and third position and has had fun dancing to silly songs with friends.


Sydney said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhh my!!! This is way too cute! I can't believe this is in my near future. So much fun! Miss you guys! Sydney

Anonymous said...

So John When are you signing up with her lol..


Anonymous said...

so cute- that sounds like so much fun! Miss you!