Monday, January 21

Sickness Seriously Sucks

It's been a fun week of sickness here at the Nelson house! I spent Tuesday through Thursday laid up in bed with a fever and the chills. I rarely get sick, and I have forgotten how dastardly a fever can be. It's amazing that one could feel so friggin' cold when you're body temp is 102. I literally slept in pants, socks, slippers, shirt, fleece pullover, and skull cap for 2 straight days. And if you have leg hair and sleep in socks, they're not good bedfellows...the hairs get bent a certain way if socks are worn too long, making the aftershock of sock removal quite painful. I did get to catch up on some movies I missed at the theater, though.
  • Stardust: good flick. Willow meets The Princess Bride meets Big Fish.
  • Die Hard 4: great flick. Bruce Willis is a stud.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3: boring movie, but good ending.
  • Shoot Em' Up: great flick. Lots of bullets and violence. I love Clive Owen.
Friday night, Allison came down with the fever, congestion, and lost her voice. She's slowly recovering, but is still without much energy. While she was laid up in bed catching up on her hundreds of DVR'd Oprah's, I hung out with the girls. We played around the house all day then went to McDonald's to burn some more energy and just get out of the house (the winter sucks). Brooklyn has some lovely green snot, so she's not allowed in the nursery at church...a much wanted and needed 2 hours that was unattainable. DRAT! More playing.

We were completely out of groceries, so I got the task of going to Wal-Mart and picking up some essentials to get us through. You'd think that working for 3 food companies in my career would make grocery shopping pretty easy, wouldn't you? It doesn't. I got groceries last night around 10:30 PM...thankfully it wasn't very crowded!

Today, I'm just surviving. Here's a video of what life is like at my house: pink and lots of dancing.
Emma will be our classically trained ballet dancer. Brooklyn will be our breakdancer. She tries to bust out a backspin and headspin.

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Kate said...

You sound very sad and sick. I hope that changes soon. John, I am so proud of you for letting Al rest and relax while sick instead of making her take care of the girls anyway! Gold star for you!