Thursday, September 20

Month of Firsts.....

Brooklyn took her first steps today! She has been standing for a while now, but has never even come close to looking like she might take a step. I was sitting on the floor in our closet putting on shoes and she was in our bathroom. She stood up, looked at me and walked to me. 4 steps! Amy, Grace and Isaac were coming over to babysit while John and I went out to dinner, so when they got here she showed off 7 more steps. John still hasn't seen her do it, but maybe she will do it again tomorrow. Emma took her first steps on her first birthday, so B beat her older sister by a couple of weeks. Let the fun begin!!!

The pictures are from Brooklyn's first day of school, (Mother's Day Out) which was on the 13th, and her first ride in the wagon.

Lots of first things happening around here. Brooklyn's first birthday is in 2 weeks and 2 days. Time goes way to fast!!

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