Monday, September 10

Back from Disney

Well, we are back from Disney and trying to get back in our routine. We had such a good time and had some much needed laughter and fun together!
Brooklyn did AMAZING for my family. She ate well (shocker), slept well, and played well! It made our trip even more fun knowing that she was doing well back in LR. We missed her a lot, but I couldn't have imagined doing all that we did with her with us. We were busy the whole time and it was so much easier getting out with just one child. It is exciting to think about going back in 4-5 years with Brooklyn and Emma together.

I have been making a mental list of "things for next time". I thought I would share for anyone out there that might be planning a Disney trip in the future:
  1. Spend at least 4 or 5 full days at Disney. There is so much to do and we saw the highlights, but didn't have any down time to swim, play putt putt, go to Downtown Disney, etc......
  2. Go the week or two after Labor Day! I had read that the week after Labor Day was the least busy time (also the whole month of September) and they were right. We did not wait in hardly any lines for rides or food. We walked onto most rides. It was great especially with a 3 1/2 year old.
  3. Get the Disney Meal Plan. It is like being at an all inclusive resort! You don't have to worry about prices while you are there and you don't have to carry a ton of money around with you. It was included in our package so I'm not for sure how much it actually is per day, but it is supposed to save you about 40%. When your child barely eats you don't feel horrible about the price b/c it is already paid for.
  4. Stay at the All-Star Disney Resorts. Only $82 per night and you get to use the Disney Transportation. John described it as a little bit nicer Super 8 with Disney accessories. It was very clean and for the small amount of time we were there, it was perfect! There were 2 really neat pools at our hotel and they had organized games for kids most of the day and movies on a big screen each night at the pool. We didn't get to do the movie thing b/c we were so busy, but would have liked to. (see tip #1!) All the buildings are decorated to the theme. (either music, movies or sports) Disney did well making this resort for those on a budget. I highly recommend it if you are going with kids.
  5. Bring snacks, water and juice boxes with you. We packed Emma's little suitcase with all of these things and it saved us a lot of money. I would have packed more water (we ran out the last day), but we didn't have room.
I am sure there are more that I will remember, but those were the things I wanted to write down to remember for next time. We had a great time!! I am sad that it is over.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! Hopefully we will be making use of them one day! Olivia keeps asking about it! I am so glad you guys had a great time! What a blessing!

Mitzi said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I just saw your blog listed at AllSidesofLife so I decided to check it out. So when are we going to get Tina to join the world of Blogging? I'm not creative with it, but at least it keeps my family and long distance friends updated ;)