Thursday, September 20

Emma's prayer request

Last weekend we went to Little Rock for John to play in a tennis tournament. It just so happened that my parent's were participating in the Alzheimer's Walk that takes place at the zoo each year. We piled the kids in the car at 7:45AM to be at the zoo by 8:00.
This is the conversation/prayer that Emma and I had as she was going to bed that night:

Me (praying): Jesus, thank you for letting us go to the zoo today and see all the animals that you created
Emma (interrupting quietly): Mom, will you pray that the animals won't stink so badly next time we go to the zoo?
Me: Laughing to hard to be able to finish the prayer

I love her little mind and her very sensitive nose. She can barely go into Petsmart and Petco because it stinks so badly to her.

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Anonymous said...

The Second Picture looks like she is pissed off at the other team for something they did lol..