Saturday, September 8

Disney World: Day 4

Today was our last day at Disney World. We started the day at MGM studios. Playhouse Disney was there showcasing some of their shows. We got to see the Doodlebops in concert, which was pretty entertaining. And we got to eat lunch with JoJo (of JoJo's Circus fame) and the Little Einsteins. Emma was pretty stoked to see June from Little Einsteins. For Emma being so outgoing and vocal, she sure does clam up when a giant-headed character shows up!

We also introduced Emma to 3D movies. The Muppets have a 3D show there, and it's really fun. For us. Emma wasn't as fond. She continually ducked and covered while yelling "we need to get out of here!". I kept telling her it was almost over, even 2 minutes after the show started. Later in the day, we would watch a similar 3D show at the Magic Kingdom. However, Emma had not grown to love 3D by the time we watched the 2nd one. Lots of "let's get outta here!" and "it's almost over".

After the Muppets, we decided to leave MGM (more show stuff than rides, and most is scary for a 4 year old) and head to the Magic Kingdom to ride more rides. After arriving, we caught the afternoon parade, which ended in a giant thunderstorm. Tons of large, cold drops of water sent people rushing into the stores. At this point in time, Emma was losing her mind. We had decided to push through her nap and get done with the parks early and go to bed early. A tired, non-nap Emma is a scary thing to witness. We decided that running around in the rain was better than trying to keep her still & quiet in the store. We then rode "It's a Small World" three times in hopes that the rain would stop. It finally did after just over an hour, and we continued riding rides. As we left the park, we turned and waved goodbye to the entrance and to Cinderella's Castle (for Emma's closure purposes only). It was a really great trip that we'll remember for a lifetime. We can't wait to come back and bring "B" when she's older.

Flickr Set updated with more pictures.

I will be uploading lots of videos, so stay tuned for a video-recap post!


The Walkie Talkie said...

I just had so much fun reading the daily recaps! I am JEALOUS! Y'all covered A LOT during your time there. Did you know I am 29 and never been to Disney World???? Love, JB

Jason said...

I'm so jealous you got to see the Doodlebops.. I mean, such musical talent there. I love that show really.