Saturday, September 8

Disney World: Day 3

Today was a much calmer day than yesterday. We spent the morning at Animal Kingdom. First, we ate breakfast with Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto. We hit up the Safari after breakfast and got to see lots of fun animals. Though it was neat, I still like Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari better. Disney wouldn't let you go into a cage with baby tigers, bears, or monkeys. Gentry has one-upped Walt Disney. Brings a tear of pride to my eye.

We then went to see the Festival of the Lion King, the best thing Disney has done since creating Mickey Mouse. I'm's better than the actual Broadway show of the Lion King. Emma was REALLY loving it, too. So much fun!

Allison and I took turns riding Expedition: Everest, a new and really fun roller coaster in Animal Kingdom. We played in Dinoland for a while and finished off our stay in the Animal Kingdom with Finding Nemo: The Musical. In summary: meh. The costumes and sets were truly amazing and makes the show worth seeing. The music was painful. Like American Idol tryouts painful. That bush-baby guy from last year's tryouts could have made better music.

After naps, we went back to Epcot to ride Soarin', a really great new ride there. The wait was an hour long, but you get to do thermal-sensory games while waiting. Basically, there are huge screens and thermal detectors. Your thermal imprint interacts with things on the screen. One of the games we played was knocking a ton of balls around on the screen. Another was a collective effort to fly your bird through a maze of woods by leaning left or right as a group. Pretty nifty stuff! We then rode the Finding Nemo ride (and huge fish tank observatory) twice. We polished off the evening by riding in the front of the Monorails from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrow is our last day, and we'll spend it at MGM, eating lunch with the Little Einsteins and JoJo, and watching a Doodlebops performance. More pictures on the Flickr group page.

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I think Pooh was John's first Stuff fav animal growing up as I remember if I am wrong correct me.