Friday, September 7

Disney World: Day 2

Today was our big day at the Magic Kingdom. It was tons of fun...Emma had a blast! We started the day off with It's a Small World, and instantly became Emma's favorite ride. She was absolutely spell-bound the entire time! We then hit up Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, and the race cars before heading over to a show at Cinderella's castle. All the characters and princesses were in the show, so Emma loved it, too. After lunch and playing around on some playgrounds, we went back to the hotel for naps.

Around 4:30, we headed back into the park for some more rides (It's a Small World, again) and a story-reading by Belle. Of course, she told the story of Beauty & The Beast. And Emma was picked to help Belle tell the story (with several other kids, too). Emma got to play the part of Chip, the young teacup. The entire time Emma was up there, she kept trying to show Belle her big button saying it was Emma's first time to Disney World. Belle was very nice and kept Emma close to her the whole time and afterwards, bent down to look at the button and allow us a picture of them. It was the highlight of the day, by a long shot! We meandered through Tom Sawyer's Island and then lined up to see the Spectra Parade. Basically, it's a huge parade where all the floats and people are lit up. It's really amazing! I'll upload some videos when we get back so you can partake in a little magic!

Tomorrow, we're eating breakfast with Micky & Minnie (and the other major characters) in Animal Kingdom. Then hopefully catching up on some rides at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot that we missed in these first two days! This whole trip has been amazing, and such a joy to watch Emma's face as she smiles and waves at all the people she loves: Mickey, Minnie, and all the Princesses.

I have added more pictures to our Disney Flickr Set.

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Hey The Lady in the 3rd picture isn't that the same one dressed up differently I couldn't pass it up..