Thursday, September 6

Disney World: Day 1

Well, we're finally here in Disney World! We left Little Rock this morning and flew to Orlando, with a stop in Atlanta to change flights. Emma took her first plane ride and did SOOO good! It pretty much never phased her...take off, air-pressure changes, and landing went almost completely unnoticed! Very much an answered prayer!

Let me tell you, Disney has it ALL figured out! They picked up our luggage at the airport and dropped it in our room while we were in EPCOT. They have special buses ready to take you straight to your hotel. Your room key is also a charge card, meal card, and your park-entry passes. We go to the hotel and dropped off our carry-on items, then headed straight to Epcot to have dinner with the Princesses. We rode my favorite ride of all time, Journey Into Imagination. Then we headed over to have dinner with the Princesses in Norway (part of World Showcase). As we ate, the princesses would come to your table to sign autographs (we have an autograph book), and take pictures (lots of these, too). Emma was pretty overwhelmed at seeing all her favorite princesses! Her smiles in most of the pictures is severely overdone, because she was totally beside herself! After dinner, we went and picked out the token stuffed animal for the trip: a big Pluto! She's asleep with him over her face right now as I'm typing this. We did the Nemo ride before heading back to the hotel. With no nap, two flights, and seeing all the princesses, our little princess was pretty pooped. Tomorrow: The Magic Kingdom!!

Pictures are here.


Virginia said...

hey! so glad ya'll are having fun! we'd love to see you if there's time. email Andrew at andrewsteger at gmail dot com.

The Walkie Talkie said...

WOW- Looks like y'all are having a GREAT time and it's only the first day. Ben wants to's your trip/Disney world? I hope you get to take a picture with Mickey Mouse! Did you get to see Minnie? Love, The Walkers

Anonymous said...

I think Emma has had a Culture Shock on Fantasy Characters and she just got worn out. Watch out for those Mattell Barbies lol.. More pics don't slac. By the way I got Medal Honor Airborn today it reminds me alot of Call of duty 3 with out the vehciles but you can parachoute right behind somebody and nail him anyway have fun guys more pics later bye. Allison pass this on to John. One more thing busses are the cheapest way to go.