Tuesday, September 4

First Day of Preschool

Emma went to her first day of preschool this morning. She is going to Wee Care Christian School at University Baptist Church 2 days a week. She was very excited about going and seeing all of her friends. Davis Elleman, Molly Walker, Ben Walker, Evan Ayres, and Owen Bader are all in her class, along with a few new friends that we met today.
I think school will be great for Emma and me. Emma seems to behave better when she is busy and being stimulated. I think we both will enjoy a routine to our week! Brooklyn will go to Mother's Day Out on one of the days that Emma is in school. On the other day, she will come with me to Bible study.
Here is Emma showing off her new backpack and her blue dog that she insisted be in the picture!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the sweet backpack...glad it went well. crazy thing, i used to go to wee care at UBC....wow! how time flies...:) and i LOVE B's jammies....hard to believe she is almost a year!!! have fun at disney.

Allison Nelson said...

Who is anonymous above?