Thursday, August 23

Girls Only

John has been gone since Tuesday morning, so it has been just girls around here all week. We have had a pretty good week and have tried to stay busy especially in the evenings when I am used to John being here. The one thing that has helped me get through the week is looking forward to my weekend with my Mom and sister in Branson. John is going to keep the girls by himself all weekend. Don't be surprised if he calls one of you for moral support!
Here are some pictures of our week. In case you are wondering about the crazy face "B" is making behind the cart of blocks, it is her excited face! The ice cream cone on her face is her new trick. Emma and I were laughing so hard at her that she continued to do it over and over until we stopped laughing.


Emily said...

Brooklyn has a lot of teeth! WOW! Annalyse only has two!

kara said...

sweet girls! i can't believe brooklyn is getting so big! i love the one of them in the crib together....:)

The Walkie Talkie said...

Looks like y'all managed to survive the week! Hope Branson was fun- did you get any good deals?

That's great about the kids' school!