Saturday, September 1

Daddy Day Care

Last weekend, Allison went to Branson with her Mom and Sister to shop and hang out. This would be her first time away for an extended period of time. That also means that leaves me with both the girls for an extended period of time. A first for all.

Friday night was a wash. I flew in from New Jersey just before the girls' bedtime. So that was easy. Saturday was a day of adventure! We just played around the house in the morning. After naps, we loaded up Homer (the minivan), and went to Gentry's Wild Wilderness Safari! It's my favorite place...period. I put Brooklyn in a car seat in the front, and Emma just ran free in Homer looking at all the animals. The drive-through part was a big success, but life got lively when we did the petting zoo portion. Specifically, Lemur monkeys!! I leave B and E outside and step into the cage. The 2 lemurs jump on me like I'm a tree. One kept trying to open my mouth with his hand. Cute, but kind of annoying. Emma then tells me she wants to come in, too. She does. Then the monkeys use her a go-between jumping object. Basically, the jumped from the bars to Emma's back, then back to the bars...and Emma screamed bloody murder. After immediately putting her outside the cage, she points in and says "that was FUN!!". Girls...

After the zoo, we went to the Springdale McDonald's to eat and play on the playground. Then baths and bedtime. A good day.

Sunday was to church, lunch, naps, then Mommy came home. I'm glad she came back...I was tired.


Allison Nelson said...

Not many Dad's would be brave enough to keep their girl's for a weekend and then to go to the safari as well....You are the best!!! Thanks for some time off. It was much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Gee I wonder what happend to my comments I guess it's the comments that you only want to here and not all them.