Saturday, August 18

The First Soccer Game

Emma is playing First Touch Soccer this Fall. And I'm one of the coaches (we have 3, plus lots of parental help!) Imagine 9 almost-4 year olds trying to play organized sports. The terms "4-year-olds" and "organized" don't jive well. We had 2 practices before our first game, and we (the coaches) weren't expecting much. After years of training kids to share their toys, we all of a sudden tell them not to share with the other team. In fact, we yell at them from the sidelines to get the ball!

However, after the first game today, everyone was pleasantly surprised by the cut-throatness these kids really have. Lots of falling down. It was awesome! Here are some pics from the game.


shauna said...

yeah, good luck with that one. haha.

Emily said...

Tell me about this it through Fellowship? email me if you need too, Jay is interested.