Wednesday, May 16

Good "Clean" Fun

Things Needed:
  1. Water
  2. Sink, pool, or water table
  3. Dish soap
  4. Dirty things that need washing
  5. rag, old toothbrush, paintbrushes or anything that you can scrub things with
When we were in Little Rock last time, my Mom and Emma played at the kitchen sink for literally an hour. (maybe more) I took note of this activity for future use at home.
Today, I realized that the food and dishes that Emma uses in her kitchen were probably pretty nasty from kid's mouths, hands, etc.....Today, we dumped all the kitchen stuff in our sink and Emma got them all clean. This was quite entertaining for her. She stood at the sink for an hour. Literally.
I am teaching her young while she thinks cleaning is fun. Don't tell!

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