Monday, May 14

Mother's Day Weekend

I realize my posting has been pretty infrequent lately. Thankfully, Allison has been posting some great stuff to keep y'all entertained and to keep our online diary up-to-date. Between work and traveling, I really haven't had much time or energy to devote to blogging. Hopefully, that will change soon. Hopefully.

To all women out there: Happy Mother's Day! You're either a potential mother, a "I want to be a mom" mom, or a full throttle mom. Regardless of kid status, Happy Mother's Day. All women deserve to be recognized on this day, just because they're pretty impressive all around, not just in mothering. It should be called "Woman's Day". To recap the last several days will be difficult. Mainly the brevity part will be difficult. But here it goes:

Allison went to a prayer meeting and to run some errands. I got a double-date with my girls. We took the opportunity to make a Mother's Day card for Allison. A big hand-made card with a picture (all the girls) and cut-outs of Emma and Brooklyn's hands on it. And a nice little poem written across the top (that I admittedly did NOT create...). Late bedtime for all, but the card was pretty great!

Allison and Emma went to Grace Hannon's (cousin) 11th birthday party. Only girls invited. Swimming / slumber party at the Embassy Suites in Rogers. I can only imagine. I stayed with Brooklyn at the house. Emma & Allison had a great time. Again, I can only imagine that scene.

Did minor stuff around the house: yard work, miscellaneous cleaning, etc. Saturday afternoon, I went to help Brett & Jayme Walker move into their new house. Fun facts about the Walkers: Brett has a recent physical injury that hindered his moving abilities. Jayme is pregnant. They had a big group help move the big furniture on Friday night, and Benton (Brett's brother) and I helped move in all the boxes and miscellaneous stuff on Saturday. It was actually pretty fun, despite the work load-to-labor ratio.

Sunday (Mother's Day)
I got up early with Brooklyn and Emma. When Allison awoke, we gave her her card and hugs. Emma, Belle, and I went to Starbucks to pick up some breakfast (White Chocolate Mocha's & Blueberry muffins). Then to church and back home for lunch & naps. Allison ran some errands during nap time. Emma crashed quick & easy. Brooklyn screamed. For an hour. I gave up and got her out of her crib. We played and watch golf on TV for a while. After Emma's nap, we loaded up and went to Gator Golf to play some Putt-Putt. Strange request from the wife. I also beat her for the first time in our 10 years of dating/marriage. And I beat her badly. I was GREAT! We then headed to Catfish Hole for dinner and back home for bedtime. It was a great day!


Allison Nelson said...

You only beat me by 4 strokes! I didn't totally lose.
I have also asked myself why I wanted to play putt putt on Mother's Day. I really don't know. I think I like it because it is an activity that we can all do together and enjoy. There are not a lot of rules and having to tell Emma "no". I like that.

martha said...

You should start celebrating international womens day March 8.

I got hungry and tired just reading your blog...but sounds like fun.

lake trip this summer?