Friday, April 27

One Man Star Wars

Last night, Allison surprised me with an outing to see One Man Star Wars at the Walton Arts Center with my brother-in-law and his 3 kids. Murray and his dad made an appearance, too. I was a bit skeptical at the sound of it. Kinda retarded, but somewhat intriguing. I also knew I would be surrounded by total Star Wars freaks, like a Trekkie convention.

To explain what this guy does is difficult in it's simplicity. He basically acts out Episodes 4-6 (the original trilogy). He makes the sound effects, does the voices of all the characters, and becomes the ships. He really draws out the humor in the movies, such as when Luke Skywalker sadly looks out across the barren lands of his home planet and the wind blows his hair. This guy leaned out, put his hand in his hair and started moving is around as if wind was blowing it. All while singing the sad music. He did the voices of the Emporer, Ben Kenobi, and Han Solo really well. He went through all 3 episodes in just over an hour, so it was pretty non-stop entertainment!

Overall, I enjoyed it immensely! The entire audience laughed the whole time and there was not one boring part of the show. It was well worth the money and the time to go see this show. In fact, he's here for a few more days and does a couple of shows per day. If you can, I highly recommend going to see this guy's performance. You can see some video clips on his website.


Travis said...

This sounds incredible!

Sarah said...

Max would absolutely crap his pants if he got to see something like that.

Murray Williams said...

Yes, yes, I was there, and I LOVED IT. I have long since learned to embrace my inner geek. I have learned to say with pride, I am a geek, and I love Star Wars... You can just deal with it. Star Wars Good!!!!