Monday, February 5

2007 Superbowl Party

We had our Community Group over to watch the Superbowl tonight. Lots of food, drinks (non-alcoholic, unfortunately), and desserts (love me some puppy chow!). The commercials were pretty crappy this year. The only one I really remember was the Budweiser "Rocks, Paper, Scissors" commercial, which was pretty funny. You can catch them all here if you missed any.

So the Colts win. Manning has a chip off his shoulder now. Since I don't watch any NFL, I didn't really care who won. However, since Time/Warner publishes Sports Illustrated magazine, we did have reason for da Bears to win. Statistically, if the Bears won, it would have been a better market for the Sports Illustrated Superbowl commemorative issue to sell in. But it'll be interesting to see if Manning's big win might be enough to pick up the slack.

I took pictures, but mostly of the wives and kids. The guys were too spread out over the furniture to get a group shot, and the women congregated making for better pictures. You can check them out here, or see them below.

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Anonymous said...

Dude can I have that tunnel my dog would love running through that.