Monday, February 5

Benton Walker (aka MacGyver)

I could have written about this in the Superbowl Party post, but felt it needed it's own post merely because of the glory that should accompany the feat.

Benton Walker ( of The Walkie Talkie fame), pulled a MacGyver on us at the house during the party. We had 5 kids running wild in the house throughout the game. Running through the kitchen. Running through the living room. Running into Emma's bedroom. Repeat.

Somehow, in the 3 minutes of non-running, one of the kids locked Emma's bedroom door and closed it as they all ran out. Locked door. No one on the inside. Though it made the quandary much less dramatic with no kids locked in, it did present a problem. We had no key for the door. In fact, it's one of those crazy doorknobs that just has a circular hole in the middle of the knob. While I went looking for a tool that was small enough to fit through the hole and unlock the room, Benton (aka MacGyver), decided that he just needed a paper clip. I'm not sure if Benton has a criminal record for breaking and entering, but he sure has the skillz to pull that crime off. He jimmy-rigged the paper clip and effortlessly opened the door. (to my credit, I had a tool in my hand that would have worked, but felt like Benton should have honors since his idea was so nifty and handy)

Way to go saved the day. By the way, if you'd like to see a list of all the genius MacGyver tricks pulled, Wikipedia has a comprehensive list.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised it has taken you this long to find this out. MH and Wyatt have a long and storied history of locking themselves in the bathroom. We ended up having to put one the those fancy "keys" on the door jamb.

I think Mary Hadley was just walking the first time she locked herself in.

Now they are old enough for that sort of thing not to happen, but Oh...the memories