Saturday, February 3

Bumbo Madness: Paint Your Own Pottery

Getting back to the original purpose of Bumbo Madness, here's a funny little picture of Brooklyn in her Bumbo at the Paint Your Own Pottery place today. She's about to paint her Mona Lisa. Of course, the whole time I'm worried she was going to poke her eye out. She didn't. Thankfully.

We took the kids to Paint Your Own Pottery this morning to get out of the house and create new house decorations. We painted both of their hands and did hand prints on a little ceramic tile. We plan on hanging it in their bathroom. Allison made some doodles on it to spice it up. Surprisingly, Emma did really well with us painting her hand. Usually, she's psycho about getting dirty. She won't touch dirt, snow, grass, or paint with her bare hands. Yeah...she's weird. Thankfully, she didn't hesitate to let us paint her hand. Of course, we also promised her we would immediately wash her hands afterward. Brooklyn was the more difficult one, as she pretty much keeps her hands clasped together all the time. But it worked out pretty well.

I recommend going to Paint Your Own Pottery if you need creative time-killers for the family. They just moved into Nelson's Crossing (at Joyce & College), and the place is really neat. Obviously, they have extremely bright colors everywhere, and it's very kid-friendly. A good outlet for the imaginative young ones.


Kara said...

Good idea! I suggested doing that for our date night last night, but Micah wasn't too excited about it, so we didn't.:) He has a myspace now....he needs some friends.:)

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything on topic to say other than I miss your crazy comments on my blog!!!

Drop me a note when you get a chance - I'm in colorado now.

Later, bro!!!