Sunday, October 29

Weekend Recap

It's been a really fun weekend! I always like the few days before Halloween since there are lots of costumed parties, events, and perfect Fall weather. Friday afternoon, Allison and Emma went to a playgroup Halloween party. Brooke took some phenomenal pictures (shocker!). of all the kids in their costumes. Then Friday night, Fellowship Kids Ministries put on a Fall Festival that was really fun! They had lots of event "stations" inside one of the buildings (since it was FREEZING Friday). Kids came dressed up and could get their faces painted, play games, paint pumpkins, and get candy/food/juice. They also put on this cool puppet show / musical that all the kids really enjoyed! It was really a fine production, too! I was impressed. After that, we went to Backyard Burger with the Walkers and the Walkers (Brett & Benton are brothers) and their kids.

Saturday, the whole family went to Dilly Dally's Halloween event. It's a great toy store, and their annual Halloween party is a lot of fun. It was super-packed! Free ice cream and food to compliment a lot of playing with toys we didn't buy. Brooklyn got a bit fussy, so we went home.

Saturday evening was the first annual Fall on the Farm at Josh & Margo's new farm. The event doesn't really have that name, but that's what I'm calling it. I took Emma and Belle while Allison and Brooklyn stayed home and rested. It was a great time! Perfect weather for the hot dog cooking over a bonfire, lots of corn hole, and S'mores over the fire. Belle lived it up, chasing the cats, chickens, and eating food off peoples' plates when they let their guard down. She ate well, especially off of Emma. Emma was pretty tuckered out, as she fell asleep on the ride home.

Today, we skipped Church (yeah, we're heathens) and went to Harbor Meadows to play, stroll, and take pictures. That place is magical! The trees are incredible right now, and the whole feel of that place is just homey. I wish I lived there.

It was a really great weekend! Here are lots of pictures...

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Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Well I am so glad I read your blog tonight. I was already feeling really homesick and your list of activities just topped it all off. We went to a lame halloween party at Kroger. That is all... Ben and Erika did come visit this weekend, so that was fun. I am soooo sad we missed all of that.