Wednesday, October 25

Eventful Night

I'm apparently not the only person in the family suffering from gas today. When I got home tonight, Emma was running around tooting like crazy. Mainly when she laughed, which made it funnier. Brooklyn blew some serious gas tonight, too. Hand-vibrating gas. Very powerful. It appears that it was the Nelson's day to be extremely gassy.

In other news, tonight was quite eventful! First, Todd made us dinner: homemade pizza and some crazy good dessert, For all those cooking dinner for the family after Brooklyn was born...the standard has been set! If you're going to impress us, you're gonna have to try hard...Todd raised the bar. And we have high expectations now. You can blame Todd.

Also, Brooklyn took a real bottle for the first time! It's not like she'll be bottle-fed from now on, but it's nice if Allison can have a break from feeding Brooklyn. It makes me feel more involved to be able to pitch in, too. As you can see in the picture, she was also sporting her "I Love Daddy" bib (it's how Allison bribed me into giving her a bottle in the first place. It worked swimmingly!). She sucked it down like a champ, and was very content and bright-eyed for the next hour.

And lastly, we got the dogs involved in the normal Wednesday night activities. Maggie and Belle were great sports as we played Halloween dress-up with them. Both were sporting a skirt from Emma's wardrobe. We had to work hard to get Emma to give up the skirt she was wearing so we could adorn Belle. Taking pictures was a bit tougher, though. You can see the best outcome I could get. The dogs were a bit distracted tonight. Why is it so fun to put stuff on your pet?


The Walkie Talkie said...

Is this Todd making said "crazy" dessert? I will take that baking challenge. And BIG sigh of relief- she WILL take a bottle if need be!

Hope today is good! Love, JB

John Nelson said...

The picture is of Todd making the pizza crust. But he also made the dessert from scratch, too. It was an apple cake with this brown sugar syrup stuff and whip cream on it. It was tasty.

And we welcome the competition!!! Bring it on!