Tuesday, October 31

Pumpkins & Dog Vomit

Tonight, Amy McFadden brought us food. Super-fantastic BBQ (we're guessing from Sonny's). I called Todd to come eat with us since we had so much great food. Also, I had picked up 3 big pumpkins to carve with the family, and I was going to need some help.

So he came over and brought Maggie (his dog). We ate and began carving pumpkins. Emma colored on hers, as there's no chance in hell I'm giving her a knife. She's dangerous enough with a marker! Todd picked out out a couple of designs for us on Home Star Runner's website. Todd picked the duck, and I picked Strong Mad. After corralling and wrangling my kids to bed, we got to work polishing off the pumpkins. Somewhere near the end of it all, I smelled something awful. In honesty, it smelled like dog poo. I searched around, and found a nice pile of brown liquid dog vomit, placed lovingly in the dining room by Maggie. Todd cleaned up the vomit while I cleaned up the kitchen / carving area. Then we watched Heroes...such a great show!

So that's my Pumpkins & Dog Vomit story. It's now the 31st...Happy Halloween!


Kara said...

Sweet. Micah's a fan of both Hero's (me, not so much) and Homestar Runner. Sorry about the dog yuck, what a great friend to clean it up!:)

goatmaster said...

You should have saved the puke and tossed on any idiot high school kids who came by not wearing costumes but still asking for candy. We would always get a few of those.