Tuesday, October 17


I'm becoming a huge fan of photography. Not only taking the pictures, but also admiring others' talents and outcomes. I find myself surfing Flickr accounts looking for shots that I would like to take: similar subject matters / lighting / etc and figuring out how they did it. Of course, I'm using a wonderful point and shoot camera at the moment that captures some great shots. But it can't match that of a DSLR with lots of lense options like the pros use.

Tonight while browsing Flickr, I came across hkvam's account. I'm completely stunned by the scenery that she has captured. I'm also marking up Iceland as a place I want to visit. Take some time and go through the lady's pictures...they're absolutely breathtaking!

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jlo said...

Have you discovered the Picasa web albumns, yet another way to store pics on the web, via Google. Isn't flickr, which I use, owned by Yahoo, which I detest?

BTW, I am working on starting a blogger beta. You have influence in this world.