Saturday, October 14

First Razorback Game

Today, I decided would be the first time Emma goes to a Razorback Football game. Elizabeth Morris (now Hale) had some extra tickets, so I snatched them up and got Emma pumped up about going to the game.

My motivation points:
  • The Band: she loves them. She's gonna be a band nerd like Daddy
  • The Cheerleaders: she took her pom-poms
  • The Princesses: aka the Homecoming court
  • The Hogs: not the team...the mascots.
She did really well, though she was extremely tired. The game started about the time she goes down for naps. But since she hasn't been taking naps (to her mother's dismay), I figured a football game would be better time spent. She cheered and hollered and danced. Every time the crowd cheered, she asked if we scored. In this game's case, it was almost true! We left after the half-time show and headed home. It was a good, first game experience.

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Joshua said...

Is Elizabeth related to me now?