Friday, October 20

It's Fall!

The cooler weather has set in and the leaves are changing like crazy here in God's Country (aka NWA). This is my last week to be off work on parental leave, so I'm trying to make the most out of my remaining time and the great weather to hang out with the family, specifically Emma.

Emma's current favorite movie is Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. Basically, it's Barbie with 11 princess sisters dancing for an hour. So Emma and I dance. A lot. The words "princess" and "castle" make up about 85% of the words she says right now. It's cute...and annoying. This morning, I decided to take her to Wilson Park to play in the castle they have there. It's really an amazing area of the park. I "rescued" Emma countless times from the castle, and we took pictures in the landscaping (which is amazing, too!). Then we walked around the rest of the park and played and took more pictures. Some are below. It was really fun, and she loved the castle. I recommend it to any kid that's ever seen Shrek. They'll love it!

Tonight, Emma's Papa (Allison's Dad) and I took Emma to the Arkansas Red & White game at Bud Walton Arena. Unfortunately, the band and mascots weren't there for entertainment. But Emma's fascination with the cheerleaders kept her perky and entertained while Bob & I watched the game. We moved down behind the cheerleaders in the second half. Emma shook her pom pom every time the cheerleaders moved. Monkey See / Monkey Do. She was wiped out by the end of the game from all the dancing and pom pom shaking. It was a great time! Here are some pictures from today's adventures:

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