Tuesday, December 28


We spent Thanksgiving in Little Rock this year and we had a great time with my family. We went down on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning. We usually come back home on Friday or Saturday, but with the Hogs playing LSU in LR this year, we stuck around so John could join my Dad at the game. I am so glad we did because it was wonderful not rushing through the weekend.

My family always serves Thanksgiving Lunch at the Rescue Mission in Little Rock. They have done it for about 10-11 years and we have joined them every year we have been in LR for Thanksgiving. The last time we were there, Emma was 4. It is always a neat time to think beyond yourself and serve some guys who have been through the trenches. My girls did great and really rose to the occasion of serving. Emma was amazing. She might have drove a few of the guys bonkers with how often she asked if they needed anything! :) She loves a job and she was constantly asking what she could do. She passed out dessert, got napkins and drinks. It was awesome and a joy to watch. Brooklyn did a great job too! We were not able to give her as much freedom there, so she stuck with me passing out desserts or with my Dad doing drinks.
We spent the majority of our morning there, so we have never had time to actually cook a meal for ourselves. My parents started the tradition of going to Cracker Barrel a few years back. It often saddens me that we are not at home cooking in the kitchen together, but it really does work out better. 4 of my Dad's 5 kids were at dinner this year, which was really cool.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, doing crafts, playing with Wikki Stix, watching football, playing in leaves, celebrating Em's birthday (another post for that), a little Christmas shopping, lots of snuggling with Andi and just being together. We were able to snap a few pictures of the girls in their matching shirts. As you can see, Brooklyn wasn't wanting to pose when John had his camera out and once she decided to pose, Andi lost it. My phone captured that!

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