Tuesday, December 28

Emma's First Piano Recital

Emma started taking piano lessons this year and she is doing a great job. It all started by her wanting to take guitar lessons. When I inquired about guitar with a girl from church, she said she prefers them do piano first. Our problem was that we don't have a piano and we were not wanting to invest in one since we had no idea if Emma would like it. Emma decided she did want to try piano, so we started thinking about options. The next day, I looked out our front window and saw that our neighbors were having a garage sale. And guess what? They were selling a large Yamaha keyboard! I walked over with cash and bought it on the spot.

Emma is taking from the sweetest, most fun girl at our church. I wanted the lessons to be fun for her or I knew she would stress out and hate it. Shelley really teaches her, but she is fun and relaxed too. It has been great for Em.

Shelley has about 7 students and she organized a little Christmas recital for them at church. 2 of the students were sick on performance day, but 5 of them were there either playing piano, singing or playing guitar. Emma played Jolly Old St. Nick and O Christmas Tree and she did a great job!

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