Monday, December 27

My Dad's 80th Birthday

My sweet Dad turned 80 on October 16th and we headed to LR for the big celebration. Luckily, his birthday fell on a Saturday so were able to celebrate on the actual day. My Mom had planned a dinner party for him at Trio's many months before we knew the time for the Arkansas vs. Auburn football game. Anyone who knows my Dad, knows he doesn't miss games. He has been known to wear an ear piece and a radio in his pocket to events he couldn't get out of during the games. :) The game came down to the very end, but luckily it was over just in time for the party.

He didn't want anything big, so my Mom planned a nice dinner with 4 other couples and all my Dad's kids plus spouses. The meal was great, but the best part was all the nice words that his friends toasted. I know how great he is and what an honor to hear those words from his peers. I can't even tell you the last time that all 5 of his kids were in the same room together. For his 80th birthday, Cathy and I arranged all 5 of us to meet up for a picture. John photographed us all and we were able to give him the picture on his birthday. The last time a picture of all of us had been taken was when I was in 6th grade.

My Dad is the youngest 80 year old I know! He still works full time and absolutely loves what he does. He loves the Lord and loves his family more than anything in the world. He has 5 children, 11 grandkids, and 7 great grandkids. He is great at showing his love and telling us as often as he can how much we mean to him. I love you Dad!

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Sydney said...

He looks great, Al!