Tuesday, August 17

Our Summer List

We had a very busy first part of the summer with swim lessons, our anniversary trip and Emma's day camps. When John and I got back from our trip we had about 4 weeks before school would start back up, so we decided to make a list of all the things we wanted to do for the rest of the summer. Emma wrote out our list for us and we all helped with ideas. Here is the list:

With only two days left before school starts, I would say we have done pretty well with our list. Now that our temperatures in the evenings are a little more tolerable, we are hoping to hit a bike trail tomorrow night and cross that off our list. I tried to document our time doing these things together, there were a few that I didn't catch (school shopping, school supply shopping, haircuts).

John's Grannie lives here in Fayetteville and we don't see her near enough. Emma wanted to see her and added her to the list. We went to visit with her this past weekend and it was great. We also got to meet her new dog Kadee.

Swimming! This particular picture was taken on a day when we went to the pool with Jenny Beth and her kids and we stayed for 3 1/2 hours. We were having so much fun and had no idea it had been that long. We spent a lot of time at this pool with many fun friends!

Tropical Sno! We had the pleasure of getting to go with Kate, Olivia and Annika when they were in town visiting.

Springdale Aquatic Center!

Playing Golf! It has been so hot that John has not been able to take Emma out to try her new clubs, but he finally did tonight. They had a blast!

Baking cookies and cupcakes! This was a picture of the girls baking cookies. The cupcakes were made for Emma's celebration.

Silver Dollar City! We had quite a few things we wanted to do in Branson and we had not been there since Memorial Day, so we packed up last weekend and spent Saturday-Monday at John's parents condo enjoying our family of four. We were able to utilize our season passes at SDC and do a few other things on our list (see below!). I love getting away from home with the four of us. It is nice not to have the every day chores around the house to distract us from enjoying each other. We went to SDC and all the other fun stuff, but we also spent time eating together at the condo and swimming at the pool. Thanks to John's parents it is an easy getaway with a free place to stay!

Pirates Cove Putt Putt in Branson! My three little pirates at the end of our 18 holes.

White Water! John took off last Monday, so we could stay in Branson for White Water. We received some great coupons because of our SDC passes, but they did not start honoring them until Aug. 8. The girls had a great time in the kids areas, the lazy river and the wave pool. We got Emma to go down a few bigger slides and she loved them!

Roller Skating! It is harder than you think to teach little ones to roller skate. We are still not quite there. :)

The Carwash! The girls have never actually washed a car before. We always just drive through.

All of these pictures make it look like we were never at home, but really the majority of our time was spent hanging out at the house playing with toys, dressing up, coloring, painting, reading, running in the sprinkler, etc...This picture makes me smile. This space in our living room is where the girls' wooden kitchen usually is. We have had it in the garage for the majority of the past 9 months while our house has been for sale because it really clutters our living room. (SO ready for it to be back inside) The girls decided one day to pull out every house they have (big doll house, Little People dollhouse, Cinderella's castle and the Pet Shop House) and make a village. I took a picture before all the figurines and pieces were out there too. We have all had so much fun with their creative little village.
We have had a great summer and have done lots of really fun things, but the best times are when we are having fun at home and being silly together like this crazy girl. Emma actually took this picture of Brooklyn on my phone and I had no idea. I just found it when I was uploading pictures and I laughed out loud!

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