Friday, August 27

Tooth #2 Gone.......

Emma lost her first tooth earlier in the summer and the one next to that one has been slightly loose for a while. A few weeks ago, Brooklyn and Emma were playing with their blankets and while Emma had Brooklyn's blanket in her mouth (who knows what they were doing!), Brooklyn yanked her "gankie" back and it made Emma's tooth really loose! Emma wiggled and played with that tooth for a week. Last Friday, on the way to get Emma from school, I told B that I had a feeling that Emma's tooth might have come out at school. It was so crowded that Brooklyn and I parked and walked to get Emma. Sure enough, a very excited little girl came running with a baggie in her hand. In that baggie, was tooth #2!

Apparently it got super loose at recess and her teacher sent her to the nurse. Emma said he barely pulled and it came right out. No blood, no pain. Don't you remember the fun days as a child when you would loose a tooth at school and get to show it off????

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Sydney said...

I LOVE THIS!! I so remember losing my tooth at school and getting the tiny treasure box from the nurse. What a fun memory for her!
I think our tooth number 2 is coming out today or tomorrow. :)