Tuesday, July 6

We Meet an Idol

Yes, that is John and I in a picture with Kris Allen, 2009 American Idol and fellow Arkansan! We found out he was going to be at Georges last night and we immediately bought tickets. We have a friend who's brother is in his band, so she hooked us up with a Meet and Greet with Kris before the show. To say that John and I were giddy is an understatement. I think we hid it well. :)

Georges is not a normal hang out for John and I, but we had a lot of fun. We thought we might be the oldest ones there, but we were wrong. We were actually some of the younger ones. He stood almost at the very front of a sold out crowd, sweated our brains out, but it was fun to see him close up. It was a great show and a fun and different date night for us!

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