Thursday, July 8

Beauty and The Beast Drama Camp

The Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast is coming to Walton Art Center this month and we bought tickets to take the girls on July 31st. Then I saw that they were having a B and B Drama Camp for little ones 4-8 years old and I knew Emma would love it. I asked if they would let Brooklyn go since she is so close to being 4, but they couldn't bend the rules. Emma had three of her good friends there too which made it even better. Molly, Elle and Katherine joined her!

She went every day last week from 9-11:30 and had so much fun! On the last day, the parents got to come at 11:00 for a performance and to show everything they did during the week. I knew Emma was having a lot of fun, but really didn't know exactly what she was doing. I was super impressed. They had 3 stations each day: Drama, Dance and Art. Each station centered around Beauty and the Beast. In art, they made Beast masks, roses, mirrors, rings and a journal all out of different mediums. In drama, they played games acting out the different characters and scenes from the play. They showed us some of the games on Friday and it was so fun! In dance, they learned a dance to a hip hop version of Beauty and the Beast. They all did really great and looked like they were having a blast.

This camp is definitely one we will keep on the radar for next year. Brooklyn is more than excited that she will be old enough. We are making bets on what play the camp will be centered upon.

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