Friday, June 4

Softball 2010

Emma has been playing softball for about 5 weeks now and has one game left. It has been a fun season although a little warmer than I had thought it would be at this point in the year! I think she has enjoyed herself, but I have no idea if she will ask to play again next year or not. She has had fun being with a few of her school friends that she typically only sees at school, but after a long day at school we have had to push her a few times to leave home and go to the fields. :)
Last week, they started having the coaches pitch to them instead of using the tee. The coaches pitch 2 times and if they don't hit, they can use the tee. We really have not practiced with Emma more than 5 minutes with the tee, so we had no idea how she would do. It is her personality to get really frustrated if she can't do it right the first time. This last game she hit the coaches pitch 2 of the 3 times she was at bat. It was awesome! I could tell from her face that it gave her some confidence and a little pep in her step!
Here are a few pictures from the season. A few playing softball and a few just being a 6 year old girl without much to do in the outfield! (lots of pictures in the dirt for this little artist!)

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Sydney said...

I love the last sassy pic- so cute!