Thursday, June 3

Emma's Art Show

Emma's Art Class runs in three sessions through the school year. She started taking art during the winter session and continued on with the spring session. Each session has an Art Show at the end. We were not super impressed with the set up of the first art show, but this one was awesome! Her teacher just opened up a studio outside of her home and it is in a shopping center in Fayetteville with quite a few restaurants. She set up a Progressive Dinner with art from the students displayed in each place. The food was great and the art was so fun to look at. Emma painted a cat this session that was really cute! She
also did a few small clay pieces that somehow did not have their picture taken.


Sydney said...

Is it any wonder that your child would be so artsy and talented?? Wonder how long until she is doing calligraphy with you! And until little B gets a camera like her daddy!
So cool!

The Merediths said...

Emma is so talented. Your girls are beautiful!